Vancouver, British Columbia – January 23, 2018, FanDom Sports Media Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) (FRANKFURT: TQ42) (“FanDom Sports” or the “Company”) announced today that in conjunction with the closing of a private placement financing (as per the press release dated January 18, 2018), the company has started work on Blockchain technology integration into their FanDom Sports app “argument engine”.

In building out an extension of the Company’s current technology team, work has commenced on architectural design and coding of the alpha version of the solution, to be built through the Blockchain framework “HyperLedger Fabric”, which is supported by IBM. As FanDom Sports’ measurement of fan engagement is confirmed by the overlaying of win-loss record, FanCoin accumulation total, time within the app, along with amount of dollars spent on in-app purchase, the company will secure the integrity of the users engagement value from their “fan player card”.

“With our aim to change the way fans interact by providing a platform that initiates them to be actively involved rather than the traditional, passive consumption of sports, we have created a first of its kind mobile platform which offers structured debate resolution as a tool for true sports fan engagement”, states CEO Henri Holm. “Blockchain framework inclusion into the FanDom Sports app presents an innovative solution that mitigates the operational risks associated with FanFight manipulation, FanCoin tampering, and the placing of micro-bets. Hyperledger Fabric technology presents mechanisms for maintaining the integrity of our debate resolution system. This relevant technology integration makes the ecosystem transparent and enhances automation resulting in the overall increase in the trust and efficiency between parties.”

FanDom Sports Media & HyperLedger Fabric:

This “distributed ledger” will make all FanDom Sports app transactions both immutable and public to users interacting within the ecosystem. As part of its design and ability to process up to 100,000 transactions per second, this advances the Company’s position over competitors. Strategically, the technology choice leaves an option open in the event that the apps internal virtual currency (FanCoins) transition to an external currency for international exchange. This can occur through the implementation of nodes, which operate in various geographical regions.

Additionally, the Company has initiated a search for two (2) internationally focused directors to round out the FanDom Sports Media Board of Directors. As part of the evergreen list criteria there will be a strong emphasis on filing board seats with digitally savvy individuals from the sports management, fin-tech and social media industries.

About FanDom Sports Media Corp.

“FanDom Sports App - Fight with your thumbs, not your fists!”

FanDom Sports Media is an aggregator, curator and producer of user generated content, offered on a fan-focused social network, delivered through the FanDom Sports mobile app. We tap into the passion of fans by providing an engaging social platform for the world's most enthusiastic sports fans to share, compare, moan, whine, gloat and trash talk about the sports, teams, players, fans and owners they love, hate and love to hate.

The FanDom Sports App employs a proprietary 'argument engine', which is the first mobile sports-centric social media argument resolution platform. “FanDom Life” is a comprehensive mobile sports experience, giving the sports fan a front row seat to the hottest debates in sports. All day, every day. The one thing that sports fans love more than watching their favorite sport is arguing about the game and the athletes.

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