July 27, 2016


Vancouver, British Columbia, July 27, 2016 - Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp. (the (“Company”) is pleased to announce that it received Shareholder approval at its recent Annual General and Special Meeting to proceed with a name change to FanDom Sports Media Corp. The change of name will better align its unique and foremost product offering, the FanDom Sports mobile app with the Company.

It is anticipated that the Company’s shares will commence trading under its new name and cusip at the opening on August 3, 2016. The symbol FDM has been reserved for Fandom Sports Media Corp.

Results of the Company’s Annual General and Special Meeting
In addition, Hatch is pleased to announce the results of its Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders held Thursday, July 21, 2016 where all ordinary and special resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed.

Election of Directors
The number of directors for election was set at five and the Company is pleased to announce the election of Blair L. Naughty, William McGraw, Adrian Crook, Tristan Brett and Scott Keeney.

Appointment of Auditor
Dale, Matheson, Carr-Hilton, Labonte LLP, has been appointed as auditor of the Company for the ensuing year and the board of directors has been authorized to fix their remuneration.

Stock Option Plan
The Company’s 10% rolling stock option plan previously adopted was approved by an ordinary resolution of shareholders.

Alteration of Articles
Shareholders passed a special resolution to delete and replace part 9 of the Company’s Articles for better efficiency and in order to better reflect the current provisions of the BC Business Corporations Act (the “BCBCA”). This amendment will allow the directors to alter the Company’s share capital, change the name of the Company and make other alterations to the Articles if the Articles do not specify another type of

Name Change
Shareholder’s passed a special resolution to change the Company’s name to FanDom Sports Media Corp. and the directors’ were given the authority to proceed or revoke the special resolution without further shareholder approval.

About Hatch Interactive Technologies Corp.

Hatch Interactive Technologies is an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content offered on a category-specific, social network and delivered through a companion mobile app. We tap into the passion of fans by providing an engaging social platform for the world's most enthusiastic sports fans to share, compare, moan, whine, gloat and trash talk about the sports, teams, players, fans and owners they love, hate and love to hate. Our unique approach will blend curated content with usergenerated content while providing access to athletes and celebrities both on-line and at local sponsored events.

To find out more about Hatch, please contact investor relations at 604-346-7613.

You may also visit the Company’s website at www.hatchitech.com .

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Blair Naughty, CEO

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